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CONTIPARK opens underground car park “RheinMain CongressCenter“ in Wiesbaden


For fair visitors, tourists and of course for the Wiesbadeners themselves, a state-of-the-art parking facility is now available in the Hessian state capital. The underground car park of the newly built RheinMain CongressCenter opened on Monday. In addition to a total of 800 parking spaces, it also offers the proven high Contipark standard.


Easy parking…

Dynamic signage and single-space detection guide drivers quickly and safely to the available parking spaces. This saves users time and fuel, which ultimately also benefits the environment. Great importance was also attached to sustainability in other respects. The entire system is equipped with the latest LED technology. This ensures uniform and bright illumination of all surfaces and also saves energy compared to conventional light sources. The electricity used for the underground car park comes from renewable sources.

The 800 parking spaces are extra wide and thus guarantee comfortable parking even with larger vehicle models. 24 of them are reserved for persons with reduced mobility and there are also plenty of family parking spaces (42). In addition, eight parking spaces are equipped with charging stations for electric cars. Even bicycles can be "parked" in the underground car park - on 35 specially marked parking spaces.

...and easy payment

In order to make parking easy and comfortable for all user groups, the garage was built barrier-free. This can be seen, among other things, in the wheelchair-accessible automatic pay station. The payment process is also as simple as possible: Whether credit card, cash or EC card: the machines accept all common means of payment. The P Card service is also available in the continuously opened underground car park.

Last year, Contipark emerged as the winner of a Europe-wide contract awarding competition. The landlord, the city owned company TriWiCon, was convinced by the high professional qualification and the coherent overall concept of the parking manager, which is why it entrusted the long-term management of the underground car park to Contipark.

the underground car park "RheinMain CongressCenter" on