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Modernisation projects from S to XXL

Modernisation guarantees the long-term attractiveness and efficiency of properties. We modernise not only our existing properties, but also newly purchased parking facilities and leased properties.

The modernisation work ranges from smaller measures, like the transition to LED lighting and the optimisation of traffic-flow and signage, to parking space enlargement and comprehensive modernisation projects.

Stachus Underground Car Park, Munich

Our mission is to make parking as convenient as possible for our customers. Some of our properties have even earned awards for their high level of convenience. For example, we received the European EPA Award, the “Oscar of the parking industry”, for the modernisation of the Munich Stachus Underground Car Park.

Our Stachus Underground Car Park is located directly beneath the Karlsplatz – one of Munich’s most important traffic junctions.

  • Number of parking spaces: 779
  • In our portfolio since: January 1991
  • Special features: car hire station, number-plate recognition system, P Card Service

In 2015 the European Parking Association chose the underground car park as the EPA Award winner in the category “Renovated parking structures”.

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