Special Parking Agreements

Ensure spaces for guests and customers with special parking agreements

Contipark offers various parking agreements for private and business customers, giving you more possibilities than the usual parking ticket.

Why choose a special parking agreement? 

For those with frequent parking needs for themselves or customers, Contipark offers special parking agreements to suit every need. 

Whether you run a shop, hotel or sporting centre, or you're organising an event, we'll find an individual solution for your guests, customers and employees, fully tailored to your needs. You can get further information on special parking agreements from our website, on-site staff members or by contacting customer service

For a tailored parking solution, send your request to partnerschaft@contipark.de 

Individual parking solutions & discount agreements 

Many businesses choose discount agreements from Contipark to cover the costs of parking for guests, staff or customers. Those with discount agreements can then pay the combined parking charges in monthly instalments.  

Benefits of special parking agreements 

- Provide parking for guests, customers or employees
- Costs less than regular parking tariffs
- Customise your agreement to your specific needs