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Car park test

CONTIPARK-Parkhaus Alte Wallgasse is one of the best in Cologne

In December 2016 the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger tested nine car parks in the center of Cologne. The car park "Alte Wallgasse" made it to No. 2.

The over 50 year old building with originally 450 parking spaces has been owned by CONTIPARK since 1991. Because of the changed mobility behavior of many people it was not fully utilized in the past years. Therefore CONTIPARK, together with the partners involved, decided to make a partial change of use. For this purpose, the two upper levels of a total of four levels were removed and made room for three levels with apartments with 31 exclusive condominiums.


During the construction phase, the car park could still be used. The remaining 250 parking spaces were thoroughly renovated during this time and adapted to current comfort and safety standards. Especially in the areas of brightness and cleanliness, it stands out from the other test participants in the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger.