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When the car park becomes an art object


Art at the parking lot

As part of the River Tales Festival, Contipark has had an adjoining wall by the artist Rafael Gerlach, aka SatOne, beautify the parking garage "Selterstor" in Gießen. The result is impressive and offers a visual incentive to the otherwise rather functional parking lot look.

Contipark is always open to new ideas: when the organizers of the festival asked if Contipark would agree to the painting of a parking space wall, it was no question, that Contipark would participate. As part of the RIVER TALES Festival, 12 international street art and façade artists created paintings on walls and large facades in Gießen's city center from September to November 2017 - and Contipark took part.

According to his own statements, the artist was inspired by the parked cars in his work "BREAKING MONOTONY". While he was strongly oriented to the prevailing shades of gray, black and silver of the cars in the color design, he tried to break with abstract forms, the monotony of parked cars in a row and limb.