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CONTIPARK takes over three new parking facilities in Germany


As of August 1st, the CONTIPARK portfolio in Germany has been expanded by three new parking facilities. In Saxony and Berlin, the company acquired a new underground car park each, in Schleswig-Holstein a multi-storey car park with adjoining parking lot was added. This means that CONTIPARK has already acquired ten new properties in 2018.

CONTIPARK is now represented for the first time with a parking facility in Dresden, the capital of Saxony. The "Semperoper" underground car park in a prestigious old town location has 454 parking spaces on two levels. It can be reached via the access road in Devrientstraße. In order to optimize the flow of traffic, CONTIPARK will set up a double terminal there after the takeover. This allows two vehicles to enter the underground car park at the same time, thus preventing any congestion.

From the underground car park, you can reach world-famous Dresden sights such as the Frauenkirche, the Semperoper or the Zwinger as well as the Elbe in just a few steps. Nearby shopping centres such as the Altmarkt-Galerie and the Centrum Galerie as well as Prager Straße invite you to go shopping.

Querpassage is a shopping centre in the heart of Kiel. Since the beginning of the month, CONTIPARK's portfolio has included the associated underground car park with 188 parking spaces as well as the Neumünster car park "Am Kuhberg" including parking lot, which together provide 206 parking spaces.