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CONTIPARK expands portfolio in Lower Saxony


The CONTIPARK Group has been operating a new parking facility in northern Germany since April 1. The parking garage and the "Leffers-City" car park in Leer in East Frisia have a total of 700 parking spaces and are located in the immediate vicinity of the Mühlenstraße, the main shopping street in Leer. It is also only a few minutes' walk to the harbour.

CONTIPARK is currently investing in a comprehensive renovation of the parking facility. Among other things, extensive cleaning work, a bright and friendly coat of paint and the installation of modern parking technology are carried out. Charging stations for electric vehicles will also be available to visitors of the car park after the completion of the work. Also, the parking facility will be connected to CONTIPARK’s customer service center in Berlin thus offering its users convenient round-the-clock service.

The car park’s drive is located at the Bürgermeister-Ehrlenholtz-Straße 13, the car park is reached via Jahnstraße. Parking is available for one euro per hour, a day ticket is already available for three euros. This makes it an ideal starting point for residents and visitors of Leer alike to do business, explore and shop.