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Climate neutral in the future


Contipark Austria operates climate-neutral and supports ecological project in Uganda

CO2 Neutral

As one of the largest car park operators in Austria - Contipark is aware of the responsibility for our environment, and participates in the effort not to burden the global climate.

 In order to reduce the CO2 emissions of Contipark Austria in the coming years, a series of measures were adopted to be implemented. These include, for example, the use of transport, which have lower CO2 emissions or the modernization and optimization of the lighting systems in the car parks.

 Not all CO2 emissions we are create in the daily work, we can be completely avoided. These residual CO2 emissions we are like a stake in the project "save trees in Uganda". Each rescued tree has a major role in the binding of CO2 from the atmosphere. Through this investment, we can return our environment a little and work climate neutral.