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Contipark continues its climate-neutral way


As one of the largest parking operators in Germany and Austria, the CONTIPARK business group is aware of its responsibility for our environment and therefore we are always looking for new way to avoid burdening the global climate.

While CONTIPARK Austria has already been certified CO² neutral repeatedly, we are proud to announce that Germany has made that step as well - all property car parks of CONTIPARK Germany can now display the award "CO² neutral“ .

In order to decrease the CO² emissions even further in the next few years, a number of measures were decided to be implemented in a timely manner. These include the use of transport with lower CO² emissions or the modernization and optimization of lighting systems in the car parks.

However, we cannot avoid all of the CO² emissions we generate through our daily work completely. We compensate these residual CO² emissions with projects to save trees in Uganda and Mali. Each saved tree plays a large part in the sequestration of CO² from the atmosphere. Through this investment, we can return something to our environment and work climate neutral.

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