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Contipark still supports the second round for the Mini E Project “Flottenversuch”.

The first phase of the “MINI E Berlin powered by Vattenfall“- project has been successfully completed. Ever since the Mini E project started Contipark has been an official partner. Contipark provides in different parking facilities a couple of electro –parking spaces" for the Charging-Stations. You will find further Information under: read more

Since March 31st the second round of the Mini E project started. This time the Mini E will be tested by nearly 70 customers of fleet services and private users. The priority objective is to optimize the charging-strategy to figure out the best utilization of wind energy for charging the Mini E.

As a future-oriented and modern company Contipark is still highly interested and keeps supporting the project. With the commitment and effort Contipark helps to develop and improve the infrastructure of the Charging-Station for the Elector-Cars in Berlin."