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Contipark takes second place at European Parking Award

With the underground car park in Hamburg Contipark has taken second place at the Europe-wide competition of the European Parking Association (EPA).

The EPA awards have four categories: 1. New car parks, 2. renovated car parks, 3. On-street parking projects and 4. Innovations.

A total number of 34 applications were submitted in all four categories. 16 car parks from 8 countries were entered in category 1: new car parks, for which Contipark also applied.

The underground car park “Überseequartier” in Hamburg, operated by Contipark Parkgaragen GmbH, took second place, closely behind a car park in Helsinki.

The underground car park “Überseequartier” stands out especially for its extraordinary design, high-end technology and safety standards, as well as its special services.