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Contipark takes over car park „Herold-Center“ in Norderstedt

Since January Contipark operates the car park belonging to the Herold-Center in Norderstedt. Prior to that the ECE, which is successfully cooperating with Contipark in numerous objects, has operated the car park.

With the management of the car park “Herold-Center” Contipark strengthens its position as one of the leading car park operators in Germany and Austria.

The Herold-Center in Norderstedt is located on the northern border of Hamburg and is the biggest shopping center in the region South-Schleswig-Holstein and the second largest shopping center in Schleswig-Holstein.

The car park has 850 spaces on 6 levels. To meet the most modern technical standard Contipark provides the car park with new technical equipment.

Increased service to the customers brings the connection to the 24/7 control center in Berlin. Skilled staff of Contipark is able to open gates manually every hour of the day whenever problems should occur even in spite of newly installed parking equipment.