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Let there be light - Contipark converts to LED


The Contipark business group has already switched many objects completely to LED lighting and we’re not at the end of the road yet – We continuously work on improving our ecological footprint, protecting the climate and reducing the CO² emission to a minimum.

Due to the consequent change to energy efficient lighting Contipark continues its climate neutral way.  It’s not only the technical and economical benefits, like a low energy consumption, a low heat build-up or the fast amortization – it’s more about the ecological benefits that clearly speak on behalf of a switch:

The environment friendly LED lamps use a lot less energy than traditional illuminants, they do not contain mercury or any other harmful substances and after their use they do not have to be recycled as hazardous waste. Due to the long durability of more than 50.000 hours, they have to be changed and disposed a lot less often. All in all the eco-balance of the LED lamp is a lot more positive than the balance of its predecessors.