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Contipark accepts the new 10 Euro note in time


The new 10 Euro note has been introduced on the 23rd of September. It’s the second Euro note to be updated after the 5 Euro note last year. The new banknote is more durable, more colorful and of course safer. In contrast to the old 10 Euro note, the new one is coated, it has embossed lines on the sited and a number in a latent image effect.

Contipark was already able to make experiences with the converting of cash machines last year. Also this year more than 500 cash machines of the German and Austrian parking facilities have been converted in time. The machinery manufacturers have been commissioned with software updates or the exchange of out-of-date automates at an early stage. More than 650 cash machines have been converted with the last couple of months.

„To meet the customers’ demands is very important for us“, says Michael Kesseler, managing director of the Contipark business group. “Despite the fact that there is a downward trend of cash payers we still want to grant our customers the opportunity of paying cash.”

This year, the partly technical difficult solutions to convert the cash machines  are an expansive project again that will cost the business group about 500.000 €. In 2015 the starting signal for the new 20 Euro notes will follow.