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Successful business year 2015


Contipark Herzlich Willkommen

The CONTIPARK Group can look back on another successful year. She has acquired in 2015 31 parking facilities with more than 8,300 parking spaces since January. CONTIPARK farmed in Germany and Austria nearly 500 parking facilities in more than 180 cities, making it the market leader continues to grow.

From Hamburg to Munich - and across the borders to Austria.
Of the 31 new parking facilities is the majority in Germany. Among other things in Hamburg (PH "Quarree shopping center Wandsbek market" and PH "German Japanese Center"), in Berlin (PH "Neukölln Arcaden"), in Gelsenkirchen (TG "Margarethe-Zingler Square") in Mainz (TG " Malakoff Passage "), in Solingen (TG" Bachtor Center) and in many other cities.

In Austria park facilities in Vienna, St. Pölten and Zell am See could be taken, including the underground car park of St. Pölten "City Center".

Also the portfolio of owned properties was successfully expanded by the Group in the year 2015. Through the acquisition of underground garages „Bachtor-Center“ und „Stadtmitte“ in Solingen and the parking garage "Buxtehuder Straße" in Hamburg with a total of over 1,200 parking spaces.

European Parking Award
In addition to the numerous acquisitions a highlight of this year was when the company won the 17th award of the European Parking Awards in Berlin the "Oscar of the parking industry 2015" with the underground Stachus in Munich in the category "Renovated parking structures". CONTIPARK thus prevailed over national and international competitors and was as the only German representative the winner of the European competition.

Pleasing was the conclusion of the second CONTIPARK project "BetoScan" in the category "Innovative schemes in off-street parking" which was chosen in the preliminary round at the last three this category.

Challenging projects
Apart from the pure management of parking facilities CONTIPARK also performs very successful in revitalization and redevelopment projects. So the company launched, inter alia, together with partners in 2015 in Cologne a complex revitalization project in premium location at the Friesenplatz. This new housing is being built on a 50-year-old park, the top floor is exclusively reserved for residents of the 31 condominiums in the future.

Also in the field of rehabilitation CONTIPARK has to report many successes in the year 2015 For example, the rehabilitation of the underground museum quarter was completed in the heart of Vienna after two years of construction. The 980 pitches were - during operation - completely renovated at a cost of 3.5 million Euros and extensively modernized and now offer "highest parking comfort at unbeatable prices". In addition to the repair of all concrete surfaces, were among others renewed all the technical installations and installed a new lighting concept with modern LED lighting.

With projects like this CONTIPARK impressively shows how flexible and professional is why the company has acted in all areas of "real estate Park House" and developed in the last 50 years the market leader.

On course for the future
So it is not surprising that CONTIPARK in response to growing customer demand for digital services Park with the continuous expansion of Servipark online platform. With around 60,000 registered customers, it is the most important instrument in the digital age of the group and is available as a lighthouse for successful customer retention in the industry.

"We are pleased that we are increasingly perceived not only by our contractual partners, but also by our customers as an innovative parking and powerful service company," explains Michael Kesseler, managing director of CONTIPARK Group.

For nearly 50 years, the CONTIPARK Group customers and partners successful services for parking at. The challenges have increased with the volume of traffic. And CONTIPARK grew up with - in Germany, in Austria and as part of the Interparking Group throughout europe. Flexibility, creativity and strategic decision-making power from the diverse business sectors feature the CONTIPARK Group.