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CONTIPARK makes parking available in Austria again attractive and inexpensive


Since September 1st you find the P Card Customer Card - the digital service from the CONTIPARK group - at is now also available in Austria. For now, customers can park 5x in Vienna, 1x in Linz and 1x in Villach easy and convenient in the selected parking garages, many other facilities will follow. The rush to the P Card is large in any case after two months were almost 4,000 registrations recorded. 


The P Card customer card makes parking in cities attractive again, convenient and cheap. ‘While the parking charges are increasingly expensive in parking zones, CONTIPARK offers its customers powerful special conditions. For example, costs the underground parking Museums Quartier per day 4,00 Euro less 10% for private customers. In the Wiener limited parking zones you can park just two hours for this amount. In Germany, the P card has already become an indispensable part of almost 100,000 cars.