EV charging stations

Contipark Parken Elektrofahrzeuge

Stay charged - with Contipark’s EV charging stations. Contipark supports ecological sustainability with its EV charging stations!

EV charging stations at our parking facilities 

The e-mobility sector is growing. Contipark supports the “green motoring” development through the installation of EV charging stations in its car parks and parking facilities*.

Stay charged - with the EV charging stations at Contipark.

Contipark invests in sustainable energy. Our contribution to sustainability is in the establishment of a charging station infrastructure for e-vehicles in our car parks and  parking facilities. We work exclusively with energy providers who can document their supply of electricity through renewable energy sources. In this way we’re helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Certifiably green: project partners’ eco-power certificates

Contipark Projektpartner

We are proud of this contribution in support of e-mobility and sustainability.  

Contipark is committed to sustainable e-mobility!

Contipark promotes the sustainable development of tomorrow’s e-mobility. Alongside its verified power supply for its charging stations, our company is also involved in scientific projects on the development of e-mobility.

Of special note is Contipark’s commitment as project partner in the “BeMobility – Berlin elektroMobil” and “Berlin Elektromobil 2.0” projects, funded by the Federal Ministry of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI). You’ll find more information on these projects at www.bemobility.de 

Public EV charging stations*

- Car park EuropaCenter (Provider: Vattenfall)
- Underground parking Kranzler Eck (Provider: NewMotion)
- Underground parking Kulturbrauerei (Provider: Vattenfall)
- Car park Rathaus Spandau (Provider: Vattenfall)
- Underground parking Zehlendorfer Welle (Provider: Vattenfall) 

- Car park Eiermarkt (Provider: City Brunswick)

- Underground parking Elbarkaden (Provider: NewMotion) 
- Underground parking Europa Passage (Provider: Vattenfall)
- Car park Hamburger Meile (Provider: Vattenfall) 
- Car park Hamburg Radission Blu (Provider: Azure Hamburg GmbH)

- Car Park Universitätsklinkum (Provider: NewMotion)

- Car park Lungengasse (Provider: Rheinenergie) 

- Underground parking City Carré (Provider: SWM Städtische Werke Magdeburg)

- Underground parking Malakoff Passage (Provider: NewMotion)

- Car park Parkpalette Hauptbahnhof (Provider: City Wolfsburg, loading facility for Pedelecs)

Power filling stations connected with E-Car Sharing** 

- Underground parking Hauptbahnhof (Provider: DB Rent/E-Flinkster [DB Energie])
- Underground parking Ostbahnhof (Provider: DB Rent/E-Flinkster [DB Energie])
- Car park Südkreuz (Provider: DB Rent/E-Flinkster [DB Energie]) 

- Parking lot Hauptbahnhof Bustache (Provider: DB Rent/E-Flinkster [DB Energie]) 

Homburg (Saar):
- Parking lot Hauptbahnhof (Provider: DB Rent/E-Flinkster [DB Energie]) 

* Please note: the operation of EV charging stations is the responsibility of local providers and not Contipark (with the exception of Contipark-owned charging stations).
** For more information on e-car sharing, please visit the DB Flinkster website.