P Card Service

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Park easily and cash-free at over 400 locations in Germany - use the P Card Service and save up to 50%.

Parking can be so inexpensive!

P Card Service allows you to park ticket-free and cash-free at currently over 390 locations of the Contipark Group. 

Instead of a regular parking access ticket, just use your P Card in car parks and garages, and the free DB BahnPark App at all spaces near rail stations. Parking is quick and easy every time. As a P Card customer, you’ll never have to endure long lines at the cashier or ticket machines, or search for change. You can also park for up to 50% less at many locations.

Use our brand new MEIN CONTIPARK customer portal now to register and manage P Card Services.



This payment method is available in the following car parks:

P Card