Seasonal parking

Contipark has set itself the goal to offer you the best parking service and want to give you answers to any existing questions on the subject season parking in this category.
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P Card Service

The P Card Service can be used for personal or business purposes, with invoices available to business users.

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While Contipark aims to provide a seamless parking experience, from our website to our car parks, customers will always have questions, so we've created these answers as a guide to common enquiries regarding payment issues in our car parks.

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Online reservation

You have questions concerning online reservation? In this section you will find answers to any existing issues.
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Parking at the train station

Contipark rip-off Statement:

We deeply regret that the main focus of press releases concentrates on information about our needful contractual penalty. Our attractive offers for parking directly next to railroad stations with fair and cheap prices are ignored.

Therefore we explicitly reject the “rip-off “accusation.

For further information regarding the subject “on street parking near the railroad station” click here. 

At this point we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those customers who paid for their parking space.

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