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The shopping experience starts with parking

Numerous requirements must be met in the management of parking facilities at shopping centres. The pricing structure must take the various target groups into consideration. The walking paths and driving routes through the car park must be short, with easy-to-understand signage. Periods of extremely heavy traffic must be managed through organisational measures and additional personnel.

This works best through close cooperation between the shopping centre and the car park operator.

Site expertise at a glance

  • customised management concepts
  • market- and customer-oriented pricing and product design
  • services for cooperation partners
  • clear orientation for drivers and pedestrians
  • effective guidance system for optimal parking and traffic flows
  • numerous additional services like car wash stations, electric vehicle charging points, umbrella vending machines
  • customer service centre offering 24/7 service

Our service extras

Contipark has been successfully operating parking facilities at shopping centres for more than 50 years. Our first property – the car park at the Europa-Center in Berlin, which we are still operating – also falls into this category. Its management provided the first blueprints for the operation of numerous other shopping car parks in Germany and Austria.

As a result we have been able to develop extensive expertise in their management over the past decades. We are familiar with the needs of the contracting parties, as well as those of the customers. Accordingly, we develop an individual management concept for every property in close cooperation with all parties involved.

A separate team of specialists develops a pricing structure that is in line with market conditions and appropriate to the respective target groups. In addition, a wide range of special conditions are available to us. The P Card is an extremely successful and popular instrument for retaining customer loyalty. It also helps customers save money and enjoy more convenience in the parking facilities we operate.

Sophienhof Multi-Storey Car Park, Kiel

The “Sophienhof” Multi-Storey Car Park has direct access to the Sophienhof shopping centre and is situated near the Kiel main station.

  • number of parking spaces: 985
  • in our portfolio since: March 1988
  • special features: P Card Service

Düsseldorf Arcaden Multi-Storey Car Park, Düsseldorf

The “Düsseldorf Arcaden” Multi-Storey Car Park is located at the shopping centre with the same name, south of Düsseldorf’s Old Town near the Düsseldorf Bilk train station.

  • number of parking spaces: 820
  • in our portfolio since: September 2008
  • special features: car-sharing station, P Card Service

Europapassage Underground Car Park, Hamburg

The “Europa Passage” Underground Car Park at the shopping centre with the same name is located in direct proximity to the Inner Alster Lake and the Jungfernstieg, Hamburg’s most popular urban promenade.

  • number of parking spaces: 723
  • in our portfolio since: October 2006
  • special features: number-plate recognition system, electric vehicle charging points, P Card Service

In 2011 Contipark, together with the property owner, carried out construction projects and updated technical installations to optimise parking convenience. More than half a million euros were invested.