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CONTIPARK again ESPA certified


CONTIPARK will receive a total of 5 ESPA certifications in 2017

After receiving an EPA Gold Award and three ESPA Standard Awards last year, Contipark can once again look forward to a total of five ESPA certifications in Germany and Austria this year. The European Parking Standard Award (ESPA) is awarded annually by the European Parking Association.

The aim of the award is to improve the quality of service in the parking garage industry and to provide customers with a safe parking experience. With the quality seal, the excellent parking facilities are certified special parking comfort, high safety quality and service orientation. For example, the parking spaces make it easy for drivers to park their cars in and out. A friendly lighting concept, good signage and a special color concept guarantee the customers a good orientation and an easy finding of the parking spaces. Likewise, all CONTIPARK car parks are linked to the tax office: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, our customers can expect immediate assistance around the clock.

The following parking facilities have been awarded for the ESPA Award:

- Parkhaus Hofaue (Wuppertal)
- Tiefgarage Kornmarkt (Zwickau)
- Parkhaus Opernpassage (Köln)
- Tiefgarage Interspar (Wien)
- Parkhaus Interspar (Wien)