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CONTIPARK takes over the parking garage Keldersplatz in Solingen

On 01.09.2017 CONTIPARK takes over the parking garage Keldersplatz in Solingen-Ohligs. The contracts were recently signed. It is certain that the new owner of the Parkgarage Keldersplatz in Solingen is called CONTIPARK. A few days ago representatives of the company group and the owners' association - consisting of the city savings bank Solingen and two private persons - signed the purchase contract.

The fourth park object in Solingen

The Berlin-based company has won the bid. The fact that CONTIPARK already successfully operates three additional parking lots in Solingen has contributed to the positive result of the negotiations. "We have been present in Solingen for many years. We operate the Parkhaus Stadtmitte, the underground garage Bachtor-Center and the parking garage at the Shoppingcenter Hofgarten. All three objects are well utilized and are very well received by the population and visitors of Solingen. Our already proven know-how in the parking garage business was also very helpful in this acquisition, "says Michael Kesseler, Managing Director of the CONTIPARK Group.

With know-how to success

CONTIPARK is therefore the part owner of the building. The property includes three commercial units as well, which are also completely owned by the CONTIPARK group. The parking garage is spread over three levels and offers 220 parking spaces. Due to its central location in the Ohligs district, it is an ideal addition to the existing portfolio of the Berlin corporate group. In order to design the Keldersplatz parking garage according to the high technical standards of the company group, CONTIPARK will make investments in signposting and parking technology, and will also implement further measures for the upgrading of the parking garage.

"We are pleased to have found a professional operator, who will appreciate the parking garage in the coming months," emphasize sales representative. "We are convinced that the announced investment will make the garage more attractive for customers in the future." Michael Kesseler, Managing Director of the CONTIPARK Group, also comments positively on the signing of the contract: "The Parkgarage Keldersplatz in Solingen completes our portfolio very well from. We are pleased about this attractive property in a central location in the Ohligs district. "