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200,000 customers use CONTIPARK's P Card service


Just in time for the turn of the year, CONTIPARK was able to register its 200,000th P Card customer. Carsten Korff from Hamburg proved his perfect timing and registered for CONTIPARK's smart parking service at at exactly the right time. As a result, he can now not only enjoy the many advantages of the P Card, but also receive an additional 100 Euro P Card credit and a fuel voucher, also worth 100 Euro.

200.000 P Card-Kunde

A CONTIPARK employee drew Carsten Korff's attention to the company's digital parking service. The offer convinced him: "What I particularly like about CONTIPARK's P Card service is the flexible parking time, cashless payment and the fact that I always get the best price with the P Card," says Carsten Korff. Now he wants to use his blue-yellow customer card as often as possible.

In 2007, CONTIPARK launched the P Card service on the German market, thus significantly simplifying the parking process for its customers. For example, there is no need to queue up at the pay machine and search for small change. Instead, customers can conveniently enter and exit the car park without a ticket and make cashless payments. The parking fees due are automatically charged to the customer's account on exit and paid by SEPA direct debit or credit card. The special rates in numerous parking facilities also make the P Card attractive for its users. Thanks to the DB BahnPark app developed exclusively for them, they can enjoy the same benefits at ungated parking spaces at railway stations.

Throughout Germany, P Card holders can currently park conveniently and often at reduced rates in over 430 parking facilities. Even in Austria, where the P Card was introduced in 2016, many car parks and underground garages are already connected to the P Card system. The rollout of the P Card will continue in 2019. In the course of the year, further parking facilities throughout Germany and Austria will be equipped with the digital parking service.