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Contipark expands its portfolio in Hamburg


Contipark previously operated 26 parking facilities in Hamburg - the 27th was added on September 26, 2019. With the underground car park "Am Sandtorkai", the company has taken over another property in a prestigious location.

Located in the middle of Hamburg's Hafencity, between Sandtorkai and Tokiostrasse, the new "KPTN" district is currently being built. By the end of the year, a total of five buildings with a piazza in the middle will offer space for a cinema, the Hotel PIERDREI with 212 rooms, several shops, restaurants and 214 rental apartments. This building complex also includes the newly constructed underground car park "Am Sandtorkai" with 227 parking spaces on two levels. As a quarter garage, it is not only available to tenants and hotel guests, but also offers short-term parkers comfortable parking in the heart of Überseequartier.

Sinan Bozan, Ulrike Raute und Frank Leuschner
Sinan Bozan (Regional Manager North-A), Ulrike Raute (Operations Manager) and Frank Leuschner (Deputy Operations Manager, from left to right) are now taking care of smooth operations in the new underground car park.

The parking facility is equipped with the latest parking technology, is open throughout and is connected to Contipark’s Customer Service Centre in Berlin. If there are any questions or problems, competent staff is always just a push of a button away for the users of the underground car park - around the clock. The company's digital P Card service is also available in the new building.

Founded in 2008, the Hafencity is the youngest district of the Hanseatic city, but also has historical buildings, for example in the Speicherstadt, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015. The Hafencity is regarded as the largest inner-city stand development project in Europe. Contipark already operates the "Speicherstadt" multi-storey car park there (814 parking spaces) as well as the underground car parks "Überseequartier" (420 parking spaces) and "Elbarkaden" (220 parking spaces).