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CONTIPARK for the second time CO2 certified


logo picture co2 neutral company 2014

As the market leader Contipark group is aware of its responsibility for our environment and takes part in the effort, to avoid excessive burdens of the global climate. For 2014 the company became CO2 certified for the second consecutive year by auditors CO2logic. As a result of this Contipark continuously pursues the object of working CO2-neutral.

To reduce the CO2 emissions from Contipark in the next few years even further, a series of measures are implemented such as for instance the encouragement of electro-mobility, the use of green electricity and switching to LED lighting.

We are not able to reduce all CO2 emissions, we daily produce. These remaining CO2 emissions we compensate through a participation in the project "Save the trees in Uganda" again. Each rescued tree has a large portion of the binding CO2 from the atmosphere. Through this participation we can give return something good to our environment and work climate neutral.