Aachen “Lothringerstraße” multi-storey car park fully open after extensive refurbishment

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Latest technology and favourable tariffs

27. September 2021

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Since Monday, 27 September 2021, the “Lothringerstraße” multi-storey car park in Aachen has been fully available to car drivers again. Previously, it had been thoroughly renovated for about one and a half years. Until the end of September, drivers will benefit from an attractive opening rate.

The multi-storey car park offers 342 parking spaces on seven levels, including spaces specially designated for people with impaired mobility and women. The possibility of a particularly comfortable entry via licence plate recognition is just as much a part of the equipment as handicapped-accessible, multilingual automatic pay stations.

After part of the multi-storey car park had already been reopened for use in February this year, the final work has now been completed. In order to coat the floors of the parking facility with a special system that makes them more durable and resistant to external strains, the car park was last operated for six weeks at 50 percent partial operation.

For the first time ever at Contipark, a full closure was necessary for the comprehensive renovation of the property. Extensive work took place over the course of one and a half years. Prior to the partial opening in February 2021, the Corona pandemic had temporarily caused a construction stop and thus posed special challenges for all those involved. Thanks to a team concept created before the start of the project and intensive coordination between Contipark, the planner involved and the construction company Züblin, the project was nevertheless successfully carried out and completed despite this complication.

In addition to state-of-the-art technology, clear design and first-class service, drivers are also offered a special opening rate. Until the end of the month, they can park for the first 30 minutes for 0.50 euros, the second 30 minutes for 1 euro and each additional hour or part thereof for 1.50 euros. A day ticket is available for 5 euros. From October, the regular rates will apply. The first and second 30 minutes will then cost 1 euro each, each additional hour or part thereof 2 euros and a day ticket (24 hours) 10 euros. Those who want to secure the favourable opening rate for the long term can do so with the P Card, Contipark’s free customer card. With it, the first 30 minutes of parking will only cost 0.50 euros, the second 30 minutes 1 euro, even after 1 October 2021. Each additional hour or part thereof costs 1.50 euros with the P Card. The maximum rate is reduced to 5 euros. The P Card can be ordered in the company’s online customer shop at www.mein-contipark.de.

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